TVS-4 or TVS-4A "Night Observation Device" Starlite 'scope

For sale or trade - a large Cassegrain starlight scope with a 40mm GEN 1 "ABC" three-stage intensifier tube. Roughly 6X magnification - real nice for searching for comets, meteor watching, nighttime wildlife viewing, etc. Offers a truly amazing wide-angle view of the night sky - see meteors almost anytime you watch.

The U.S. Military called this a TVS-4 NOD - a Night Observation Device. Not intended for use as a weapon sight, no compromises were made in order to make this night vision sight small enough to attach to a weapon. It has an 8" aperture, it is 30" long & stands 18" tall on it's AZ-EL mounting yoke and desktop tripod. (Having the later Automatic Brightness Control intensifier tube (MX-7856A/UV) actually makes this unit a TVS-4A.)

Runs about 20 hours on 4 "AA" cells, comes with a small tripod for tabletop use but can also mount on full-size surveyors tripod. Includes lens cover & lens shield and comes in a sturdy aluminum transit case with fitted foam liner.

Do not confuse this solid American-made mil-spec unit with inexpensive low-quality imports which use GEN 0 image converter tubes. The GEN 1 tube used in this unit provides much more light gain than a GEN 0 tube, yet does not have the inherent graininess caused by the microchannel plate used in GEN 2 & GEN 3 tubes.

This unit is fresh from refurbishment at a rebuild depot, it is in like new condition & works well. No export sales.

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