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This was posted to one of the Collins mailing lists - it was in response to another subscriber's post which heaped glowing praise on the Collins KWT-6, a late '50s vintage HF SSB transceiver with a temperamental vacuum tube synthesizer.
The KWT-6 was also bought by the U.S. military -  they called it a URC-32 and used it in various shipboard & fixed installations.

Carl Hyde wrote:
> I cut my teeth on the URC-32 when I was an enlisted
> electronics technician in the Navy. It was a constant
> source of lost sleep and lost liberty. If the term
> Boat Anchor ever applied to anything it was that
> radio. Of course we had other names for it that were
> mostly four letters spoken only as a submariner can
> speak them. The Navy had URC-32s on submarines and
> many surface ships. The advancement exams for
> Electronics Technicians had probably 50 questions on
> the URC-32 just to prevent anyone from being promoted.
> What a piece of crap that thing was. However it did
> drive me to apply for OCS just to get out of working
> on those things any more. When I went back to the
> fleet an an Electronics Materiel Officer I had the
> pleasure of removing the URC-32 from my ship and
> seeing it disappear in a crusher!! I begged the guy to
> let me crush it and even offered him a case of beer.
> But I just had to stand there and cheer along with all
> the Electronics Technicians as we heard the tubes
> crush and the modules get ground to dust. It was one
> of the hi points of my career along with throwing 10
> Tektronics 545 oscilloscopes overboard in the
> mediteranean sea. They made much better artificial
> reefs than they did oscilloscopes. So I recommend the
> URC-32 to anyone who doesn't have a lot of agravation
> in their life. Believe me you'll have plenty after
> that. If someone doesn't pay YOU to remove it then
> $10.00 plus a date with their daughter ought to be a
> good price. Now I'll be having those URC-32
> nightmares again. The one where I can't get off the
> ship for four days because the piece of S--- is broken
> again.
> Carl S.HYDE
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This from Rich McClung, in response to the FCC's muzzling of George Hutchison's HF RTTY broadcast after a couple of years of licensed, regularly scheduled, widely-heard, and extremely well-received broadcast transmissions...
> wrote:
> What the heck's wrong with the bungling bureaucrats at the FCC? Does
> it take someone with a 6th grade education to get through all the
> legalese and techno BS to figure out what to do?????????????????
> I'm talking about the WC2XPF License issue. I got sooooooooo addicted
> to George's REAL RATT BROADCASTS that I'm going thru withdrawals and now
> TRYING to find any signal that will sooth my craving for REAL RATT.
> What's the problem? ANYONE who thumps a Bible can get on the air with a license
> to transmit.............
> Right (far to the right) Wing whackos can get on the air and broadcast.
> There's another LICENSED station that claims to broadcast RTTY at
> certain times to provide a news service for the blind. Well guess what?
> Either propagation is never in my favor or the station is using a signal
> that I can't detect. I've got an MD-522A, A Universal M-8000, Several
> Tele-Signal Modems, several ST-6's, a PK-232, and the HOKA Code 3 Gold.
> Is the problem that maybe George is too white bread, center of the road
> to get the blessing of someone, ANYONE, in the FCC?????????????????
> HEY, you bumblecratic lawyers at the FCC get off of your collective
> posteriors and figure out a way for George to continue his SERVICE TO
> THE PUBLIC, at his own cost by the way, ON A PUBLIC RESOURCE AND
> PROPERTY................. THE ETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> RICH @B> }

This from Chuck Kirchner, who submits a remembrance Art Collins' & Curtis E. LeMay's fine piece of Cold War technology, the ARC-58. In less than glowing terms Chuck writes...
> Chuck Kirchner wrote:
> Just found your page this morning. God!!! What memories. I'm a
> retired Air Force Air Comm-Nav repair guy with over 20 years
> experience. Seeing the TRC-75 or ARC-58 as we called it, brought
> back many happy memories. I'm an old SAC trained Killer with
> mostly B-52 and KC-135(A and R) experience. The many hours I
> spent slaving over a GODDAMN CV-465 trying to stabliize it, when
> the parts we would get from Warner Robbins DEPOT were worse
> than the ones on the jet. I'm sorry to say it, but I was glad to see
> the ARC-190. No more heat-exchanger/mount changes on a T-605
> when it's 40 below zero in the 47 section of a G-Model. Brrrr, gives
> me the chills just thinking about it. Still, the 58 was a damn fine
> set. 1 cycle per megacycle per month was the freq accuracy.
> That always impressed me. And when it got fixed right, it stayed
> fixed!! The ARC-190 had many teething problems. We had
> message traffic saying that SAC was considering putting the ARC-
> 58s back in, as the 190 was so problematic.
> Anyway, enough memories. My wife would kill me if I bought an
> ARC-58 system. (What do you want that for??, Isn't the electric
> bill high enough, now??)

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