Photos from the Normandy "50th Jubilee", June 1994

  In early 1994, Math Driessen invited Brown Beezer and me to accompany him on a trip from his home in Lanaken Belgium to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the WWII Normandy beach landings. Math was taking along a Command Car carrying a SCR-506, a CCKW carrying a SCR-399 radio set & towing a 5kW genset, and a modern wrecker - accompanying his Belgian MV club in their convoy from Belgium to Normandy.

  Math had recently finished restoring the CCKW and the Command Car, the wrecker was to go along with us just as he had received it. The HO-17 shelter for the SCR-399 radio set had already seen extensive cosmetic restoration work but the BC-610 and the receivers in the SCR-399 were electrically 'as-is'.

  Cast of characters includes Math Driessen ON8PO, Clement & Simone Meesters, Roget Kicheleer, Bob (my apologies Bob, as I have forgotten your last name), Brown Beezer W1NZR, and myself David Ross N7EPI. Plans were to convoy from Lanaken Belgium to our prearranged campsite in Amblie (near Creully) in Normandy - the trip would take two days in each direction with about 7 days spent at the campsite in Amblie.

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Vehicles in Math's shop


A TSC-60(V)2 in a 2 1/2 ton truck

High-speed tractor behind
a TLQ-15 jammer shelter

Simone & Daisy & Math doing refinish
work on antenna mast sections

Preparation & loading up for the convoy

View inside the restored HO-17
shelter on the CCKW

CCKW & SCR-399 ready to go

the 5kW genset on it's trailer

Roget in the Command Car

Large beam on portable mast,
miscellaneous shelter,
MAN truck & shelter, DAF 6x6

More of the portable mast & beam

The "Gulf War I" vintage wrecker

detail view inside the SCR-399

More HO-17 detail inside the SCR-399

BC-610 transmitter & BC-939
antenna tuner inside
the SCR-399

Bilingual of course

Command Car towing the genset

Last minute preparations
on the morning of departure

More fussing about what was packed where

Brown astride his BMW
he served as traffic control
for the convoy

At last - ready to go!!

The convoy forms up in town

So many good-lookin' vehicles

The convoy leaving town,
I am driving the CCKW

Math as vehicle commander in the CCKW

Convoy at a fuel stop in France

One of many Allied cemeteries we saw

Convoy at a rest stop

Dinnertime on the road,
Math & Clement & Bob

Simone & Roget with Math hiding

Our convoy arriving in Creully

More Creully traffic

Utter chaos in Creully
(but certainly not as bad as the real thing was)

Monument in Creully square

Jubilee official at our Amblie campsite

2nd Armored Division liberated their part
of Belgium so the "Hell on Wheels" pennant
is very popular with Math's club

CCKW with SCR-399 & Command Car
at our campsite in Amblie

Many nice vehicles...

View from the CCKW while on the road

View from the CCKW while on the road

Parking & assembly area near Sword Beach

Roget & Clement & Bob
near the assembly area

Clement & Simone

Brown operating the SCR-506
in the Command Car

Math & Simone & Clement & onlooker
at the assembly point

Wyoming jeep

WLA Harley-Davidson & sidecar

Another wrecker

Priest antitank gun, other vehicles
at the assembly point in a sea of mud

Massive diesel engine in the British tank
transporter which brought in the Priest

David Ross, Bob, Simone Meesters,
Roget Kicheleer, Brown Beezer,
Clement Meesters, Math Driessen

Clement puzzled by possible Austin

Brown unintimidated by possible halftrack

Lunchtime for the crew

Beachfront bungalows on
the Normandy shore

Brown & Bob & Simone & CCKW
on the shore

Command Car on the beach

CCKW & Command Car
with Normandy beachfront in the background

New radio in an old jeep

Math & Roget & Bob
with Mulberry remains in the background

DUKW in Navy livery

DUKW with Normandy civilization
in the background

Math & Clement
with bemedalled Frenchman

Math's Command Car draws a crowd
On the beach

Brown explaining the "Guerre de Gulf"
wrecker to some of the locals

Math's 'mini-convoy' on the beach

DUKWs frolicking in the Normandy surf

Angry antipodean DUKW
& more Mulberry debris

Normandy falsework set up
for speech from U.S. President

Wrecker & CCKW & Command Car
viewed from above the beach

This WLA & owner rode in
from Czechoslovakia

Brown's 'tender persuasion',
getting the SCR-399 to perform tricks

View of CCKW & the rest of our campsite,
taken from our outdoor 'facilities'

View of our campsite and the "Hell on Wheels"
pennant, looking toward Amblie

Brown at the SCR-399 controls

Brown did many 'field expedient' repairs
to the BC-610 to get it on the air

Brown & Math in the SCR-399,
the Coke bottle is full of bootleg Calvados

Ceremony at the
"Normandy American
Cemetery and Memorial"
at Colleville-sur-Mer

Markers at the
"Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial"
at Colleville-sur-Mer

"Here Rests in Honored Glory
a Comrade in Arms
Known But to God"

Nice Matchless 350cc "DR" bike
with rigid frame (DR = Dispatch Rider)

Quad .50CAL machine gun mount
in a halftrack

Math attacking Clement's steak
with a Leatherman tool

Indian 45" V-twin

Bob and the BAR, background
shows the biggest military
swapmeet in the world

Math & Brown in front of Château de Creully,
the first WWII BBC studio in liberated France,
on 6/12/44 Churchill visited Montgomery here

SCR-187 with operating gasoline genset
inside the "Musée de la Radio"
at Château de Creully

SCR-187 detail of BC-191 & chests

Musée de la Radio proprietor
displaying the radio he built
as a teenager for the French Resistance

Miscellaneous vehicles on the road

Wounded captive being carried
to the rear for extended interrogation

The church at St. Mere Eglise
with Red Buttons reenactor

Math back at the
Chateau Creully Communications Museum

SCR-399 & SCR-506 on the day
of the mobile-in-motion QSO

David Ross N7EPI & Brown Beezer W1NZR

The trip of a lifetime

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